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Posted by GreenGuy8 - May 3rd, 2018

Fearful of the Future

So my Dad confronted me about growing up and doing something with my life. He said how much I am basically "sponging" off my parents ever since I stopped working, and he's right. Thing is, I really fucking hate people, having a job requires you to deal with bull shit from your employees and customers. My last job, I threatened to beat the shit out of an employee and so I was fired. I really don't want to go back to work, but at some point I fear that I have to. I want to make my YouTube Channel a business so I don't have to go back to what I hate.

My channel has a good subscriber count, but now I just need a good majority to actually give a shit to donate to me. And before you say "it does not happen in week dude", Shut the fuck up I know that. If you have run a channel as long as I have, you would know that, I already know that and know a lot more than you think. Sadly my demographic is all fucking millennials, teenagers who just see as "a video" and "nothing I would donate to." I have to make this work, other wise, it's back to the work life for me. Me risking getting angry again, to the point where I will hurt someone and end up in jail for it.

I really don't want to go back to a 5-9 hour job, I don't have the tolerance for it anymore. Not a day goes by where I wish I could hurt or maim the people that piss me off. Not a single second of my life goes by, where I am afraid, that some day my parents are going to die and I am left with nothing. Not a second in my life passes, where I hope to god that my channel does become a business. At this point however, I have to assume the rest, I have to do something, or I will end up homeless somewhere. Now, I feel like my YouTube Channel is not worth it anymore, BUT I REALLY FUCKING WANT IT TO BE! 

I want my channel to be my source of income, so I can do what I love. But it will be for not, if no one gives a shit about it. 


Posted by GreenGuy8 - April 11th, 2018

Sorry for the drama filled titel, just want to let some stuff out of my chest. I mean not that many people are going to see this so YOLO.

So I have been struggling emotionally to make a stop motion short for awhile now. I don't see any value in doing it anymore. I feel like no one is going to care or even see my stuff. And before anyone tells me "dude you just uploaded it, don't expect to get a bunch of views in a day", shut up, I know that.


It's just frustrating because my first YouTube Channel was suppose to be ALL STOP MOTION. Instead it drifted off to comic dubs, and literally no one cared about my stop motion videos ever since. I worked hard in my past videos, and to see no one saw or cared to look at them, really kills the drive to make more.

I thought that NewGrounds would change my perspective, but no, it's just the same as YouTube. I almost feel silly for becoming a supporter, but whatever it went to a cause at least.

So at this point, I am debating what to do with this account now. Hopfully something turns out, but till then, this page is going to be dead as dirt for awhile. I hate the fact that I lost the drive, I bought so much stuff for the stop motion videos, and now they are collecting dust. It's like the heart in it has died and I;m just watching it weather away.

Thanks if you read this far, and maybe if I get that drive again, I'll make some videos, hopefully if that drive ever comes.

Posted by GreenGuy8 - April 6th, 2018

I have come back! Long story short, I have been working on another comic dub series on my more successful channel, so I have not been active here for a long while. Coming back though has inspired me to do stop motion shorts, now that I got the time again.


The comic dub series I am currently working on is thankfully a mini series. After that I think I will be taking a break so I can focuse more on my stop motion.


Speaking of my stop motions, I feel like I should lay this down right now. See, I orginally planned on making grand 3-4 minute stop motions with fancy backgrounds and shit. But then I had to wake up and face the noise. "My budget is down to jack shit." And so I will be making bland background, 20-45 second, stop motion shorts of random ideas that come out of my brown egg shaped head.

Yes this does sound cheap and boring, but cut me a break, props in general is a hassle to afford now.

I will deliver on exactly what is said here, and no worries, these shorts will not be half assed. Putting effort will have a good turn out, and will show.

Trust me.

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 26th, 2018

what is up guys, I'm back again with another post. I'll be focusing more on making short stop motion videos, in order to make upload time go faster. 


Currently working on 2 scripts, thinking about writing a few more, then I will be animating the short scripts.

Hope to bring yall some more, stop motion content soon.

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 19th, 2018

So! I have made the stop motion puppets, I got the props, and I got the know how to make a stop motion short animation.


Progress on the initial stop motion short has been rewritten so many freaking times due to the budget I have.  But I have finally made a compromise, making the short take place in one setting. 


I will be positng loops of my progress later on these nexr few days.

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 13th, 2018

It's done, it's finally done, I made the props and puppets for the stop motion project. I'll be posting some pics later on to show yall my progress. 

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 10th, 2018


So I am currently making the stop motion puppets for the project due to the one prior have broke. One has a broken arm, the other was rendered completely useless due to worn wires.


BTW, I use "wire amatures" as my stop motion puppets. Not only are they easy to mass produce, they are by far the cheapest form of armatures you can make ona shoe string budget.

I'm thinking of posting some pictures of my progress, but we'll see.



Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 9th, 2018

I'm thnking of msking videos showing the process on how I make my stop motion puppets.

Speaking of my stop motions, I am actually looking for  a music producer for the project. You know someone, or have that rquirement, send a message my way. No I can't pay you with money, but I can pay in exposure. Which is even less than a dollar,lol.

Closing note, I will be MIA for a good long ass time, since I will be putty my heart and soul into this stop motion project. It will probably suck.

See you later

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 8th, 2018

So apperently being new here automatically makes me a target to get chewed out by veteran users of the NewGrounds website. First 2 comments on my last post where legit critques on my situation with one of my videos being taken down.


One of the two comments however was typed badly on purpose by a 25 year old aspiering animator. I get that I am making "noob" mistakes but does it really warrant  me to be trolled? I thought the NG community was chill and had a helpful understanding community. . . . it does.

But like anywhere else in the internet, there is an ugly side. And that side has no issue with making itself known. I'm not gonna let some petty 25 year old troll comment get me though. I'm still gonna make my stop motion, and I will progress as a better animator.  Hell even if it comes off as crap first, I will get better over time.

It's like these animators who got their skill down to a "T" forget how badly they started out. Well, I'm not going to be one of those animators.

Posted by GreenGuy8 - March 8th, 2018

Context, the video that was taken down was NOT my very first video I uploaded here. It was a stop motion loop that had the lowest veiws. I find it off putting that videos that do not have a lasting veiw count are automativcally deleted. 

Just a reminder though, I am new to the NG community so maybe there is a logical reason to this method I do not understand.


In other news, work for longer stop motion videos are still in progress. This will be complete around the next month or so, given how much effort I am putting into it. 

This stop motion short will be all slap stick, physical comedy, and gun fights. Hope you all are looking forward to it.