I am a Supporter

2018-02-24 00:14:33 by GreenGuy8

So literally no joke, I just sighned in today, and I saw Tom Fulp Posted how he needs help with donations and memebers and so on. So I decided to investigate further to see if a contribution would be worth it.

Much to my surprise, hell yeah it is worth it. I knew NewGrounds has been around for a really long time. But to be the pioneer of online content crators within decads, I did not want to see this website die.

So I payed 25$ for a upgrade year membership, honestly I have no clue what perks this comes with, but that does not matter. What matters to me, is that I am playing a part in keeping this site up and alive, for the great and mighty leader of this community Tom Fulp.


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2018-02-24 00:39:42

I was wondering if you would like to check out the new song I made


2018-02-24 01:09:57

Good on ya! Hope to see ya round the chat!

GreenGuy8 responds:

Chat? Where is this chat? Also thank you.