My first video taken down

2018-03-08 09:33:15 by GreenGuy8

Context, the video that was taken down was NOT my very first video I uploaded here. It was a stop motion loop that had the lowest veiws. I find it off putting that videos that do not have a lasting veiw count are automativcally deleted. 

Just a reminder though, I am new to the NG community so maybe there is a logical reason to this method I do not understand.


In other news, work for longer stop motion videos are still in progress. This will be complete around the next month or so, given how much effort I am putting into it. 

This stop motion short will be all slap stick, physical comedy, and gun fights. Hope you all are looking forward to it.


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2018-03-08 10:51:43

People vote on submissions form 0 - 5, and if your submission has too many zero's, then it gets deleted, due to it most likely being span or just plain horrible.

GreenGuy8 responds:

Yeah that sounds about right, thanks.


2018-03-08 11:08:12

i think your stop-motion making it voting down so they had to take down so, sucks to be you.

GreenGuy8 responds:

is the broken English on purpose? Any way, I understand what you meant at least, thanks.