Starting the day sower. . .then sweet

2018-03-08 15:16:07 by GreenGuy8

So apperently being new here automatically makes me a target to get chewed out by veteran users of the NewGrounds website. First 2 comments on my last post where legit critques on my situation with one of my videos being taken down.


One of the two comments however was typed badly on purpose by a 25 year old aspiering animator. I get that I am making "noob" mistakes but does it really warrant  me to be trolled? I thought the NG community was chill and had a helpful understanding community. . . . it does.

But like anywhere else in the internet, there is an ugly side. And that side has no issue with making itself known. I'm not gonna let some petty 25 year old troll comment get me though. I'm still gonna make my stop motion, and I will progress as a better animator.  Hell even if it comes off as crap first, I will get better over time.

It's like these animators who got their skill down to a "T" forget how badly they started out. Well, I'm not going to be one of those animators.


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